Hah! Taking the letters off, that Just sprayed on our shutters… Peter goes for a BMX run. Pushing himself into the empty shop… More here on our Instagram feed… See you next door/next week! Nuff said for now, go for a ride!
  Kate Jackson and Liza Minelli looking very 2013! Pic from  1981 though… Kool
  Get a cargo bike and do a trick, or maybe a race first, just get one…
  But if you need some air or an innertube, no problemo! Just knock friendly! Ride on…
  Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays and you didnt see that red light, yes, I know… Via
  Ride in Peace Götz George
Or do a trick like Major Taylor and Léon Hourlier in a stand off at Stade Vélodrome Buffalo, Montrouge, France in 1909.
  Great shot of Stu. Stu Thomsen was one of the first of the “Old School” of professional BMX racers who gained fame in the early days of the sport beginning in 1974. His prime competitive years were 1976–1985. Sometimes called the Babe Ruth of BMX for his prolific success and domination of BMX racing during the sport’s early days from the mid-1970s into the mid-1980s, Thomsen’s considerable career accolades and legacy remain a benchmark for modern sports achievement. His nicknames, “The Man” and “Stompin Stu”, were due in part to his size at 6 feet 1.5 inches and 200 lbs.
  Via BOXDOG Bikes SF. Time to go to Cali…
  In the meantime in Bihar, India more than 870,000 schoolgirls have benefited from the bike subsidies… Article here
  Do it, every day… The golden BMX time, the great 80’s…
Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 00.43.56
In København it is already popular among messengers to ride a Omnium Mini. Just wait a bit, we’re getting there. We’re kinda closed, but need to sell something, as we wanna continue. So, try it out, come on over, knock at the door, go for a lil stroll around the block and we’re sure you’ll like it… We got 8 days till its over, but it ain’t over tho… Picture via ECMC Copenhagen 2016
  More courier mondays… Berlin’s finest messlife combo: Till, Zorro, JackAlex, Kevin and Kole at the #savekeirinberlin Soli Party. Turn up the volume and click on the pic for the video. Thanks a lot Elizabeth Kchihiro for the lil film… Booom!
Don’t mess with James Not only the CMWC is his brainchild, it’s also his fault that we all ride fixedgear on the streets Respect the bicycle courier, all day everyday all year around via our #SAVEKEIRINBERLIN Soli Party
  Nice! Via Leslie
Not sure, but this is actually kinda funny… Go ride a bike!
  Respect the Post delivery guy… Not only when he brings you postcards and also on Wednesdays!
  Maybe the movement is growing stronger… Our Kiez is pretty cool and it is actually a Kiez, not only Späti, Burger und anderer Unsinn… Thanks for the support to Bizim Kiez… Wrangelstraße might be renamed to Bizimstraße soon. Wrangel? Come on…
  Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays! The good ol’ MTB times… KBH 1992 via ECMC 2016
  ‘Gold,’ a Novel by Chris Cleave