Cyclown Circus came and went. you should’ve been here.
Is now up, but not running
Honestly, the bike stealing thing is getting out of hand in berlin. and on an more honest note, if you steal my bike or parts of it and i catch you or see you with parts that belong to my bike i will steal parts of your body and dump em in the river. Signed: The Bear. Heavens, why would anybody steal a tall bike?!
We sell bikes, that’s what we do. We sell the right bikes to the right people as well. The man in front owns the new Bomber Pro. Bear repairs his hipster ride. Zorro explains to “El Manfredi” how to operate the radio properly. Just another day at the Keirin Store.
NYC you are the best. Queens all the way…
If you go 132 km/h on your bike, give us a shout, we might want to film that too.
None other than Paul Smith has been asked to name his Top Ten pieces he can’t go without. Guess what? One of these pieces is a track bike. Those Mercian’s are nice!
… get it done on your track bike. Hey, it’s a track bike, not a trick bike…