The boys from the hkfixed blog have some pics of their crew, head over there and see them with their bikes posing.

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A visit to the land of bicycle culture, fine food, good clothing and la dolce vita. As a bonus we saw the sixdays on a 166m track. We met the absolute champion of thighs Chris Hoy, went to see Masi bikes and Pettenella and chilled with the Cinelli family. We also brought back some Campagnolo goodies…

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Hmm, what to say about this years halloween race that hasn’t been said already, it was an epic race which two full blood messengers rode out in a little over four hours. 160 starters of whom 30 made it into the finish line. Sore legs and melted makeup was the result. All in all we had some fun and learnt that maybe the next one must not be over four hours for the fastest guys.
Bottom line: We had joy, we had fun and nobody we know got killed that night.

We were also wondering why all these exceptional things like Halloween are always when its freezing cold outside, we should think about a global date for a summer alleycat were we all dress up as lifeguards and ride with these red life floating devices instead of a bag.

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