We recommend the exhibition „På cykel i København“ at Bymuseet in Copenhagen until June 27th. Original text from the museum… “Bicycles at Work: Postal workers, park caretakers, knife-grinders, police officers, couriers, bicycle taxis and newspaper deliverers. The professions that, through time, have depended on bicycles as a work tool are many …In the 1930´s goods were transported on carrier bicycles throughout Copenhagen. Today, packages are delivered by trackbikes at top speed.”
One of our local heroes in Kreuzberg. Ride safe!
Is this tire better, or do you like the Vittoria Randonneur more? We got both in stock, €25 Courier Berlin in 700x24c or 700x29c, black only!
Just found Maria’s and my bike on the Bean’s Bicycle Inn Blog! Yeaaah! Best shop in Tokyo, kind folks, go visit, if in Japan!
Now everybody can be a worldchampion!Nice quality belts from Reload, €25Pictured is Koichi Nakano at the 1982 Track Worlds in Leicester, UK!
Its cold here!
Ready for a new paintjob!
Starfuckers Double clips, fourteeneuro’s…
Team Keirin Berlin during the CMWC in Tokyo:Kao – t2y – Katz – Arik – Klaus – P. – Gary – Mortimer and Maria. With Lily – Felix – Phillip – Tuk – Kasi and Zorro.We wish you all a very happy Tiger Year 2010
In Denmark it works a little bit different…City policy in Copenhagen requires that snow be removed from the cycle tracks before it is cleared from the car lanes. This priority helps explain why 80% of those who cycle during the summer still choose their bike in January. Great idea the garbage bin for cyclists and the “waiting area”, while red…