March 30, 2010

six years in the making…


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  1. Hi dudes!
    I’m an italian guy from Torino. I’m coming to live in Berlin in few months and i would like to know if there are bike messanger company in Berlin.

    Hey Jim, damn what a italian name:) there are companies, but i personally would only work for spinning wheelz, good folks! see you in berlin, ridesafe, kenji keirin

  2. feliz cumpleaños chicos de Kerin Berlin!!!!

  3. quería decir Keirin…

  4. The first and best and by far the most real, thank you for those years!

  5. I am speechless everytime I come to your store!
    Happy anniversary

  6. 北日本を外して西日本の井上を軸、南関の平原を軸に買えるけど、

  7. Happy Birthday you two freaks! :-)

  8. Happy B’day to u!
    keep on keepin on…
    and thanks.

  9. Congrats MOS!

    You know who I am.

    Yep,I know you SUPASISTA, mange tak or also domo arigato, KNUS!

  10. i’m late (again)
    little present:

    alles gute!

  11. Fuck yes! Looking forward to another 6 years, at least!

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