Respect the bicycle courier! Not only on mondays… Wild Bill out of NYC and Super Dave from Chicago! Via Keith
Timo will try to go for it tonight! He will go for overall winner again, the 4th year in a row! His wheels for sure look fast… Picture by  Maria Therese Laub, more bike shots at
Nice move Förste, more action tonight at the sixdays…Tusend tak Maria chan for the picture!
Last year was easy, will Danish Dynamite do it again?Also tonight Howard/Meyer and Marvulli/Hondo…Check
Talking about pedal straps, here you go, in stock NOW!
Only a few. Mostly black in different sizes, but also some greenish, pink, red and some lock down foot straps!
Cyclists are dangerous! Support our troops. NYC is next on the list….
Respect the bicycle courier! Not only on mondays… Picture by toy dog, one of our favorite courier photographers!
A hip trackbike couple would’ve been easier, damn all those cables…,  but actually this is nice too. Found on Etsy!
Next week 100th Berlin Six days! There are different ways using a Velodrome for racing, see this funny Video of some racing here…
Nice one Xander! And very true indeed…
We like that! Maybe this will come one day, looks more like a bus though? Via
Nice little Promo-Video Lukas. VELO Berlin in March, be there…also check!
We got a few belts made by our friend Gunung, just a few… So be quick!!!
Respect the bicycle courier! Not only on mondays… Believe it or not, we miss those days… Picture via Daisy Messenger Nagoya
More flavour from Japan via Rie! Soon to be in our store… The calendar and her coffee and maybe also some of her beautiful friends from “bikefriendly” Nagoya plus of course Rie herself!!!  Thanks a lot to the Detroit of JP…