The velodrome, 250 beautiful metres of Siberian pine, was completed last week. Alongside the BMX and mountain bike facilities a one-mile road racing track will be installed after the Games, to replace the Eastway circuit, on which the new facilities have been built. more here
Respect the bicycle courier! Not only on mondays… If you are in Tokyo this Thursday, go see Kao’s exhibition, that will run till April 1st. We wish we could be there… Ganbatte kudasai Kao-chan!
Our friend Gabriel from Brazil just send us a link to this shocking footage of Porto Alegre’s last critical mass. It’s sad, but true… If you think you can handle it, watch it here. Be aware though, it’s out of this world… All our best wishes go out to all the envolved cyclists, may the car driver burn in hell! More info also over here and here. No account, go here…Ride safe!
Respect the hipster, even on sundays… They are back FYVM
Texan style made by Gallus. Great coverage and pix about this years NAHBS in Austin on Urban Velo.
That’s what we’re talking about! Found at Urban Velo, check Cherubim
Sunday ride is the new Critical Mass, join Fahrtwind…
More good work on Pat Perry’s site. The lion told us about it…
Brilliant! Nairobi kids in the house, great video here found on Urban Velo
Next week in! Nine colors! Maybe DVS likes those folks here…
Once again, it is Monster Track, since 2000, via Carlos
Respect the bicycle courier! Not only on mondays… Sammo Hung as a bike messenger in Mr.Nice Guy!
Mister Cancellara, looking good at the Tour of Oman… Ride safe!
Always look, please! Taken from Renato’s radpropaganda…
Some shocking footage of the Walter Rütt Arena in Neukölln watch here!!! or over here Thanks a lot for the info! Please see this great site Rütt won several sixday-races during his 25 year long career as a cyclist: 6-days NYC 1907 & 1909, 6-days Berlin 1910-1911 & 1912… and so on, NYC again and Berlin a few more times!  He won 933 races, but also had 173 hard crashes… John Stol and Walter Rütt won the 1907 six days in New York City
So, you think bamboo is the new black? Skeleton bike, yeah! Stolen from…
No its not some performance enhancing drug Scalextric is a slot car racing set all Brit kids will remember (Carrera Bahn to the Germans). Soon available as Track racing set to comemerate the 2012 Olympics. Wicked! more here…..
Yo Eddie! Is that you? Taken from Milano Fixed
Gotta see Drew Bezanson’s run in Tallinn at Simpel Session? You should!!! Here you go JC Pieri’s video