Only in NYC, naaaah actually saw that in Berlin before too, but not a trackframe…
40th anniversary limited edition of the legendary Evolution Mini by Kryptonite in ruby red. Get it while its hot.
Seen on Queens side of the Pulaski Bridge, close to 5 Pointz…
Tonight 630 Houston/Sixth Ave, in case you are in the city!? 25th anniversary of the bike ban!!! More info here…
Berlin’s not so wild, Lo-Down workshops commuter bike with Moto pedals and Wald basket from the Keirin store.
NYC is wild! Not only the streets, also the nature…
Had a meeting with David today, you know what’s up…
Went over to Van Brunt to see my friend Damian in his bikeshop that he opened up a year ago. Go check him out when in Brooklyn… Good people!!!
We will be getting some more Reload’s soon. Anything special, let us know, so we can get one for you too!
Screen shot 2012-09-26 at 2.47.32 AM
Sorry for that! Yes, we miss our coffee too… But in the meantime, try Rie’s Japanese style drip coffee!!!
Rockin’ the Affinity Kissena while in the City, not that bad actually… Thanks for the hook-up Victor!
Respect the bicycle courier! Not only on mondays… Cool to see you Kurt and of course thanks for everything Kevin! Ride hard, aaah and of course walk safe!
The Haro booth was def the best at the Interbike. On display, among other oldschool stuff was also Eddie Fiola’s original GT from back in the days… Actually, we will be selling GT at our store in the near future…
Hmmm yummy, let’s have some cars for brunch today
Nice to see some normal folks between all that trash ;-)… Osaka in the house, GiraGira and Kashimax, that was a lot fun…
Ice racing in 1939 looks like a new winter past-time! should really try this out this winter.
Looks like the Berliner Bär is having fun…
If your at the Interbike in Vegas today, swing by! The Mash Drag race will be going on today. Location tba!