August 11, 2015

gentrification tuesdays…



Due to that whole gentrification nonsense we get to meet the most interesting people. It’s so good to see that not only our neighborhood really wants us to stay, it shows us that Kreuzberg is still very special, as everyday someone drops by and offers support. We had a meeting with a true Kreuzberger yesterday, he looks for properties, before an investor buys it, then leads a friend to the property and buys it. Mostly in Kreuzberg, but also in Wedding and other parts of Berlin. He makes sure that artists and young people get affordable spots in central locations, before another Airbnb location or coffee spot pops up and only the rich and famous are alone with the tourists in the central part of Berlin. He will help to figure something out… Gotta sell all those Keirin frames to get some down payment… and will start some crowd funding, kickstarter thing after Eurobike. Now go ride your bike and gentrification Tuesdays is def not the new trackbike. Thanks again for all the support and ideas to #savekeirinberlin Boooooooom! For updates…Check and check!

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