September 22, 2015

gentrification tuesdays…



Back to the roots!

And we’re not talking about #messlife Not yet…

Ok, here’s an update about our situation with the store and the owner.

Two month ago we got the information from our landlord that he will sell the storefront, that we could stay, but will have to pay 30% more rent, he offered us the possibility to buy the shop.

We had all kinds of meetings with several people, even a long and good talk with a bank and started working on a Kickstarter project, that was supposed to start next week. It looked very promising, all kinds of folks got in touch with us and offered us support and also high amounts of money, it looked like it will all be good and we will be able to buy the spot.

And now that! We met with the landlord last week and he informed us that he found a buyer. He told us that the needs to increase the price and wants  €100.000 more and that the new price is not negotiable. He made us the offer to move the coffee shop into the bike place and get rid of some rooms, so the new owners wife could move in and open a hairdresser. We told him, that we can not agree to those terms, that we offer cargo bikes and therefore need all the space and that it doesn’t make sense for us to get smaller and most likely pay more rent, we would have to rebuild the bar and run new water pipes and blaaaah!

You can call it greed or what ever, we think it is really unprofessional and it wasted a lot of time. Who says all of a sudden he increases the price again and again…

To make a story short. We got till June 1st. We are looking for a new place, it seems pretty difficult in the all so hip and cheap Berlin, but we feel this is a new start and that the new Keirin will be very different, but we will do our best to make sure it will happen… Back to the roots means, we will move the coffee shop back to our first location, the tiny spot were it all started, it’s in the same building, owned by a different landlord, currently it is used by  @Asssavers. Sorry guys, but we got you on the list for our new location!  We promised, we will stay in Kreuzberg and back to the roots is sort of exciting… Nevertheless we will work on a Kickstarter project, as moving cost lots of money too… What a waste of money that could be used for more important things.

Anyway, thanks for the ongoing support and ideas in the meantime, ride your bike and come to the Mash SF event next week!

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