Bagjack Top Tube Protectors

Protecting your nuts.

Neon Gran Compe Tires

Neon pink or neon green. Be the hipster of the week on your block.

Champ Grips


Kashimax Top Tube Protectors

We all need at least one.

Lucky Charms

Well, actually they are mobile cleaners, but they also work as a charm.


Oh that smells good…

Keirin Gloves

People will take you for a serious rider on the streets with those gloves!

Even more seriousness with the Medalist Club gloves.


till wounds after ecmc skids

Till is just back from the European Cycle Messenger Championship and he was entering the skid competition, to show that he will go the extra mile and put real effort into it he skidded on his elbow and hip. get well soon!

Cinelli Track Tandem

cinelli tandem

This is something you won’t see every day, a cinelli track tandem from the sixties. Come check it out while you drink a Cappucino in our shop.



Some rareties just got uncovered. Just see yourself…

Colnago Italy

Gotta love those italians and the folks from Guatemala too of course…

Tomorrow is Alpe d’Huez!

Remembering the classic from ’89…