If you want to do tricks like this …

… get a bmx bike, honestly. These boys rock and it looks better than on a track bike.

Skavenger Pop Off… Mini Vid… Off Pop from Defgrip on Vimeo.

Akeem’s new frame

akeem frame rust

Rust ate the old one …

… so Akeem got his new ride: Details »

White Bike Chicago

white bike chicago

it gives you goose bumps, its the first i ever saw live.

Chicago dooring campaign

chicago dooring

I saw these all over town, cause people tend to open doors in chi town without looking, like anywhere else on the planet.

Rest in Peace

Kei Uchida died in the All Star Keirin race (Grade 1) yesterday, where fans vote for their favorite riders.

Born in Tokyo on the 11th of Feb 1981, he debued in August 2002 and was Keirin Rookie champion in 03. He was an S1 class keirin racer, 6 times Japanese champion in individual pursuit and was on the Japan National Team in 2004 and 2005.

Details »

Eurobike 2008

Eurobike 2008