Not track…

…but dope costumes!

…and just to make sure

i do not want to hear anything about you should have said something earlier, but here you have it in black and white and in writing, if any stolen parts come up at the alleycat or any frame gets spotted that got stolen, this alleycat can easily turn into friday the 13th for the person riding stolen shit, i will bring a hacksaw and since its halloween i will tell the cops its fake blood.


It’s Halloween tonight in Berlin and all over the World

Sit on your broom and ride like the wind!

If you are not here in Berlin then you might be somewhere over there:

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The wonderful frame Cremer got, some idiot tried to steal, the thief tried to use the frame as leverage for the mini u lock. So from now on anyone on a bike that does not belong to him or her in any way or gets caught with the hands in the cookie jar will get more than just a funny spanking. 

Stolen Bomber Pro

This bomber pro got stolen last night here in Berlin. If you see it with any other person than a black man with an afro and piercings riding it please engage with extreme prejudice, than bring the bike back to Keirin and we will get it back to the rightful owner. if you are infact reading this and just got it all wrong because you were drunk out of your skull and you just stole it by accident we urge you to give it back before someone loses at least an eye over this, and by someone we certainly refer to the guys who stole it.

Feeling low or blue?

We can’t help out, low flange phil woods and blue anodized ones in stock. give a ring!

Hipster Colors

Just so you know we have the neon colors gran compe tires in stock. not hip enough for you, we may find some glasses in the back for you as well!

It’s about time

You know you’ve done something right when the officials are on your back for doing trackstands. Priceless!

Illegal Fixed Gear Trackstand from Ride/Relax Productions on Vimeo.

Nice Spandex!

Our man Andreas Müller just won three gold medals in Austria at the Austrian Championships. Now you’re asking can it be? And we can only say: Yes you’re right! It’s the shorts!

Congrats Andreas!

One more time…

… until we see some track bike rider putting some effort into it we are not interested. honestly leave the hard stuff to grown ups on kids bikes. sean burns effin rules.