Giovanni Pettenella


28 marzo 1943 – 20 febbraio 2010
Rest in peace

Classic Gazzetta


Frames come in end of March, beginning of April.
We got a price you wont get anywhere else, reserve NOW!
You want
a singlespeed, fine, no problem, just mount some brakes. 

Cinelli Gazzetta frames


Cinelli made it one more time…Those are the best priced fixedgear street frames for
2010. Our friends at the Gruppo yet again released another piece
of art. Tig welded cromoly Columbus tubes, real track geometry, neo pop
colours, six different sizes. 

Matching stickers too and more Cinelli, whatever you like, please feel free to ask…

Chesini flying to Tokyo


Hipster alarm


Our favourite little sister with a small Reload bagpack, we got some here…

Aurora velcro straps


Now in stock, Handmade in Germany, different colors, 27 Euro’s…

Berlin style snowballs…

snowballs can be that big in berlin.jpg

In Berlin we start early…


Anton already rocking Cinelli bartape

the big guns!


The big guns of the German track scene at Keirin, from left to right
Sebastian Döhrer, Stefan Nimke (Olympic Gold medal winner ’04 and
world champion 1000m time trial ’03 & ’09), Maximilian Levy (Keirin
world champion ’09, Bronze medal team sprint Beijing ’08)
and René Enders (Bronze medal team sprint Beijing ’08)

100th annual Berlin six days, NEXT YEAR!


Here some pictures from the opening night of the 99th annual Berlin sixdays…
Next year 100 years!!!

racing for sixdays…


There was a lot of battles during this years sixdays…
Emanuel Raasch took the title one more time for beeing the fastest oldschool guy…
And Sebastian Döhrer nearly beat Maximillian Levy, we can not wait for the worlds in Copenhagen in March…

Some impressions from the 99th annual sixdays in Berlin…


The mechanics at the Berlin sixdays like Keirin, or is it the girls…?
Erik Zabel with his son Rik.
The devil still rocking!
Hey MÜ!