The original NYC messenger bag…


If you are in the city tonight, go to Chari and celebrate with Rod and John.
We got a few of those “birthday bags”, let us know if you want one, as they are very limited… We always got the classic De Martini bag designs in stock. Black only though!

Berlin 1931


In Berlin folks still wear glasses like this, so it’s only a matter of time, that bikes like this will return too… We like that idea!

yep, cargo is the new fixed…


This is it! Of course, on the fork, like this you can actually ride…
We want that, will get those for Berlin, nice idea folks

The messenger center is down the stairs…


“OK, got it, 10-4!”

You go, girl!


Now, that’s what I am talking about…
Found on Jussi’s blog!
Tokyo drift…

Guru RIP!


My all time Hip Hop favourite Guru (Gang Starr) died yesterday! I wish you all the best Above the clouds! You definitely always kicked precisely the right rhymes .Rest in peace, you will be missed!

happy 80th birthday

campa qs.jpg

On a cold mountain pass back in 1930, when the only way to change
gear was to flip your back wheel, Tulio Campagnolo was having trouble
losening his wingnuts with his cold fingers then he had an idea and so
the quick release was born.

Santiago de Chile, Goldsprints!


Nice one Frankie! Good luck with the event, south america in the house!
Lucky you, that the polish champion is still here…

Spring alleycat! When?


As you can see Cats got early into riding fixed…
So when is the next race, maybe even a fixedgear only race?
Time to conquer the streets back and show those green boys and girls, that riding a bicycle, whatever bicycle it might be, is a good thing. Or what do you think? We all should do something together to show the positive side about cycling!

New York City


Yo Squid and Carlos! Will love to make it to the race
Maybe I will make it this year to come to the city? Gotta see you guys again, feeling kinda homesick!

Bicis do Brasil


Cycles and copcycles in São Paulo

911 is a joke..


During the past 11 days the Berliner Polizei controlled 9000 cyclists.
Gave 4000 tickets and busted 4 fixed gear riders, come on, got nothing else to do? Cars kill, bikes don’t…