courier mondays…

Respect the bicycle courier! Not only on mondays… Pictured is Mister Safa during Krauts and… Thanks for the great picture Rie!


Now we’re talking! Chris got that completely right… Come on over, please!

TdF highlight

Cuz it was so “good”, damn journalists and spectators…

Cadel Evans

We actually think you do deserve it Cadel, but attacking when others crash is no good…

Fair enough!

For sure he deserved it, nice move Alberto! Via Velonews and video here…

Tilt shift!

The Tour de France in “Tilt shift”, looks great!

Talkin’ ’bout Brooklyn…


Tour de Natur

Hamburg -> Magdeburg -> Berlin July 23rd – August 6th 2011 via Radpropaganda, more info here…

TdF decision today?

TdF live in our store today. Lot’s of climbing…Picture via Hipster Nascar!

Tracksuit traitors

Photo Exhition about top athletes on the run at the Willy Brandt Haus starts tomorrow. Just one example, Jürgen Kissner

Go get ‘em

Tour de mouches, Via