courier mondays…

Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays! Ooooops rewind… It’s on, DHL does bicycle deliveries now, the end in NYC for loooots of couriers! Damn!!!

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  1. man aboard says:

    The World`s comin` to an End ! i knew it !
    The-everything-was-better-mantra … > untill it comes true !!!
    - good ol` days when dhl paid 30 DM/h … (naw not 4 me – i was only a regular guy)
    ( Pic looks so old-fashioned , when Courier wasnt equal hipster & boarding a bike wasnt a performance
    … ok wake me up – I`m sleeping! )

    + Might good Decision 2 take off Friday-Eddy-Painting 2 make Room 4 a real Special bout him !
    The carnivore read: Cannibal … now since very Friday in Hospital after Heart-Attack !
    Lets send (virtual) Flowers 2 him !!
    Nice Week ALL !!

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