Do a trick!?

Soyo Grips!

Förste, Levy, Nimke, Rene and so… Black grips are back €20!

courier mondays…

Delivery – Trailer from NO WEATHER on Vimeo.

Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays! Yes, Pizza delivery, food gets you friendly customers and COD and Bill started messengering in the 80′s! West Coast and East Coast! Ride safe Bilthy!!!


Ach!? Na huch…

Go for a ride!?

They will join you…


Guess they are back with a track frame… Via

Basket security net!

For your Wald basket… One size fits most!!! Just a few, different colors! €7,50



Not that we do not like to ride our bicycles… But let’at hope that this is the last time tonight before the finals of the stupid nonsense… Out!

15 Years ago!

Today 15 Years ago… Damn it! We miss the old NY, yes def the old Berlin too!!! Those were the days…

Frenchies 10% off

Bring your french bicycle in today and get a 10% repair discount. German bicycles not! Vive la France!!!

art fridays…

Uni, the 5 year old of our favorite Minato Family aka Depot, from Chiba, made this amazing installation, still to be seen among many other great things at Ueno Mori