Basket security net!

For your Wald basket… One size fits most!!! Just a few, different colors! €7,50



Not that we do not like to ride our bicycles… But let’at hope that this is the last time tonight before the finals of the stupid nonsense… Out!

15 Years ago!

Today 15 Years ago… Damn it! We miss the old NY, yes def the old Berlin too!!! Those were the days…

Frenchies 10% off

Bring your french bicycle in today and get a 10% repair discount. German bicycles not! Vive la France!!!

art fridays…

Uni, the 5 year old of our favorite Minato Family aka Depot, from Chiba, made this amazing installation, still to be seen among many other great things at Ueno Mori

Auguste 86

For now only the Musette bag hoch… Soon all the other Auguste 86 bags from Rostock! €80, black only!

female thursdays…

Yeah, do a trick!!!

Kizuki Bell back!

Back in stock. All colors… The concept of this bell is to let a pedestrian notice that a bicycle is approaching by a gentle sound. In order to avoid dangers, bicycles sometimes take sidewalks instead of bicycle paths. On such occasions, it’s important to be thoughtful of pedestrians. This bell will always have cyclists notice manners. At the same time, it will help pedestrians find a bicycle approaching… So desu ne!!! Made in Japan €7,50

cargo wednesdays…

Hope he’s got a tail wind. Beijing refuse transport. pic

Benefiz Alleycat

Du bist schnell, aber wie genau kennst du dich aus? Beantworte oder errate ne Menge Fragen zu Berlin Straßen und Eigenheiten.

BERLIN QUIZZCAT!!! RENNEN, RATEN, WISSEN! Zu Gunsten der Soforthilfe für verunglückte Berliner Radkuriere “Courier Crash” organisiert vom Courier Company e.V.

W-Base Tokyo

We are working on it! W-Base will be available thru us again soonish… Picture by toydog