Omnium 2015

You know you need three cargo bikes… Come over and check them out… Looking good!

female thursdays…

I had the lucky opportunity to deliver packages to Miss Bacall a few times while in NYC! She was very kind and unbelievable pretty. Not the usual star! It was always special to go to the Dakota, but when Miss Bacall was the customer, it was def something very special! I hope you ride in peace!

cargo wednesdays…

Moving bikes on a bike way to go… found@

Robin Williams

A serious bike collector and a brilliant actor… Rest in peace Robin. Have a good ride!

Omnium bonanza

Naaah no Bonanza bikes, just looots of Omnium’s in the house…

Mini, Cargo and the all new Mini Max. Give us a few days and come over by the end of the week to check them out! The future is out there… Cargo is the new track!

courier mondays…

Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays! Al, we won’t forget you!!!

do a trick!?

Oooops… Go for a ride and eat some gelato!!!

Ass Savers!

Back in stock! Different colors… €7,50

art fridays…

Eddy Merckx by Claude Le Boul (1986) via

Today @ Keirin

Last day trackside 85 plus some Minigolf actschön with Indomigo… Starting at 4pm, come over! Prost!

female thursdays…

Audrey Hepburn at Paramount Studios in 1957. Via

Oh oh!