Finally in stock again, full black! 25 Euro’s each!


Some drama!



Berlin Wilmersdorfer Style say wot? We like…


You think $6000 is a lot? Naaaah not for a Singer! A new frame will cost you around $4000, so this is actually a deal;-) Check more pix on this site over here…

courier mondays…

Respect the bicycle courier! Not only on mondays… More great shots from the good ol’ SF days on Richard Todd’s site! Dunno wassssup, please click on white!?

Maybe better?

This looks more happy, so enjoy…

Fröhliche Ostern

This bunny isn’t too happy about the easter egg in his stomach! Happy holidays… Go out and ride!!! Via


Kabul MTB kids, aight! We like, via

How to win!

Nice move! Damn, just made it…

Time for…

A loooong ride! For sure this year:-)

Moto Bicycles

Innovation Made in Berlin. Go Ali!!! More info over at Moto Bicycles