Team Brooklyn 1992

The chewing gum team, looking all fresh 20 years ago… Picture via Kevin’s site!

bike explosion…

Porkchain is a good one, found on thingsss

No internet today!

Got it!?

Argentina cargo

Nice bike, but no air, wassup? Maybe siesta in Buenos Aires? Thanks Berra!

South Africa

Looks pretty amazing down in South Africa, check more of Kao’s pix at Papersky…

courier mondays…

Respect the bicycle courier! Not only on mondays…

Never freelock!

Not even a second, your bike might be gone! Installation by Richard Fauguet

Velodromo municipal de Buenos Aires

Save the Velodrome! Guess it is a bit different with the trackbike hype in Argentina!? Thanks for sending the pictures over, bella Berra! Click on pic, please!

Keep going!

Na, aber det üben wa noch…

Bike snowbil

The snow might come next week, be ready! Enjoy the weekend… Via Pedalmafia

We support!

The Danes, of course! Go see the bike exhibition at the Felleshus! Info here…

California cycleway

Was constructed almost entirely of Oregon pine and was wide enough for four cyclists to ride abreast. It was painted dark green and, at night, brightly lit with incandescent lights. The toll was 10 cents one-way, or 15 cents round trip. In sunny California? We like! Want the whole story? Read it!!!