no drivers licence…

We wouldn’t say no to this car. Would be perfect for our store… Found on in respect to Luigi

future Daisy Messenger

Sohei in Nagoya likes Cinelli, finally someone in Nagoya is into Italian bikes Good to see you guys, better bring that kid the next time, ride safe…!

meanwhile in India…

As you can see, who need’s a car? Thanks for the link Bera, from here…

tall(er) bike!

That looks like fun, the bikes are getting taller, found on Beans TYO

courier mondays…

Respect the bicycle courier, not only on mondays… Via Kevin’s Blog and also here…

Chain L No.5

Huile de chaine in stock now! The best chain oil on the market. €15 a bottle, act quick!!!


Always worth a visit while in Milan, Alberto Masi! At the Vigorelli velodromo

Moto pedal

New video from motobicycles showing their pedal in use with straps

Less is more

Amazing bottom bracket shell on a 1960′s Barry Wittcomb frame.

Lets get butt naked

Cyclists in Madrid take part in the “world naked bike ride”. San Francisco, London, Madrid, Amsterdam and Guadalajara were among the cities that took part this year. more naked pics here


Pro peleton at the Berlin Velothon, André Greipel team Lotto Belisol won the 186km Garmin Pro race. Over 12000 starters took part in the 120 km and 60 km races which were open to all starters.

courier mondays…

Respect the bicycle courier, not only on mondays… Ronnie Danger and the Cobra, two of Berlins finest!