Vá de Bike

Bike art exhibition at Choque Cultural in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Otimoooo! Drop by if you’re in the neighborhood.

artsy saturdays…

Would love to have a poster of this, found over on Vintage Bikes Melbourne

Aristidis Konstantinidis

It is not surprising that Greece is not a superpower at cycling events. Greece has not the tradition of Spain and Italy. The bicycle is and was not very popular in Greece. Still it’s pretty surprising that there was a Greek gold medal winner at the first Olympic Games in 1896 (if you know how poor Greece was after the independence war and other wars and after 400 years of occupation). Αριστειδης Κωνσταντινιδης was the first gold medal winner ever at an cycling event at the Olympic games.

More LSD

This slick looking rig was the result of a collaboration between LSD bikes and some Jeans company-store in Seoul.

Lakeshore Drive

Posing with the LSD crew outside the best fixed gear store in Seoul, really like what they’re doing there and they have BBQ’s and home brewed beer every night outside the shop, lovin’ it.

The road to Му́рманс

Porvoo-Murmansk 2011 from Lina Jelanski on Vimeo.

T-Level Bags

Nice guys Choi and Sean from T-Level. Great bags made in Korea, nice styles and lots of great features. Many thanks to these two for all the help while I was in Seoul.

CW Racing

The frame that Brandi of REW1o Works just built, reminds me a lot about the Phaze 1 by CW Racing from 1983, that was a big wish, back in the days…

No skids, please…

Damn Brandi what’s that all about? Found on Milano Fixed…

A penny for your thoughts

An interesting modern take on the old Penny-Farthing, I wonder what its like to ride?

Pump me up!

Great idea, public compressor to pump up your tires next to a bike stand in Jamsil district of Seoul. If we had those in Berlin we wouldn’t get so many people coming by and breaking our pump cos they don’t know how to use it properly.