Mart Aire

Amazing Bike art by Mart Aire from Brazil, we want our other wall painted like that…

Congested Values

In the near future… Found on the Onion!

Cyclisme button badges

Just in! One set for €4, collect them all…

Artist race

Wasssup Picassso!?

Things that make you go hmmm….

Nuff said, or anyone got an idea what’s that all about?

Mike “Hollywood” Miranda

Saw this and was wondering what Mr. Miranda is doing nowadays? A big hero back in the days… Via Guccilife

Cog 11 available…

In stock now, get it while it’s hot…

Kashimax saddles

Anyone fancy a new saddle!? Many different styles and colors available, let us know, check them out over here….

3Rensho vs. Cinelli

Hey Konno-san, good thinking!  Found over at  Vintage3RenshoLove

Delicious cars…

Na dann mal nen juten Appetit, found on Jussi’s

Pedal Project Mag

Now in stock, number 2 just in, check Pedal Project Get a copy from us!!!

bike explosion…

Porkchain is a good one, found on thingsss