cargo wednesdays…

Saturday shopping with Omnium.


Nice ad, we do prefer Continental tires though…

Hop a train!?

Come on, ride your bike… But with those bikes, Berlin might be a bit too big though. We rode our BMX bikes all over West Berlin in the 80′s too…

ride hard!

Yep, those were the days… Berlin in the 80′s! Ride safe!

Schöneberg 1980

Back in Sommer 1980, when Berlin still had an outdoor Velodrome!

Get a U-lock!

Remember, we told ya…!


The Berlin Independent Film Festival is showcasing  the world premiere of the bike-themed documentary Unstoppables on Sat. Feb 15 at 17:30. At the Babylon Kino 2.

90′s Berlin

Good ol’ Berlin days… More pix via TSP

Go for a ride!

Robert Förstemann at the Berliner Sechstagerennen. Nice wheels…


Get knitted, a new way to visually upgrade your bike frame.

Green bike

Don,t leave your bike standing around for too long or it might get assimilated into the vegetation.

new in the store!

Inspired by old school leather helmets Carrera folding helmets now available.