Sphyke C3N

Anyone interested? Will be stocking Sphyke Security Skewers soon. Great idea and they even look good!!!


Summer cleaning! From left to right… Green 80′s DDR Mifa working lights €90 >>> Black/Pink 80′s BRD Mars 3-Speed & lights €120 >>> Bluegreenish 60′s DDR Diamant Singlespeed  €120 and Silver 80′s Peugeot €120. All bikes got new tires and are ready for the next Eckkneipe! Click on pic a few times for larger image!!!

80′s style!

Brand new 1980′s Arena Shorts, 2 different Sizes, €13… Get em’

Parking on bikelanes!

Nen Pfund!? This will change… Hey 5-0, come on make some money!!!

Kreuzberg style!

We like our Kiez and Hanow bikes are also from here…

Before and After

Polishing those good old DDR parts…

Omnium Tuesdays!

Hey! Just kiddin’… Omnium commercial via Berliner Abendschau… Check Video here…

Knight Rider

Tomorrow (Tuesday!) on Heinrichplatz, David Hasselhoff in the house! Aight!!! Pow pow… Listen to this tune!!!


Ride your bike… Nice article by Bea on Kreuzberged!

art fridays…

Bent Bicycle by Alicja Kwade. Thanks for the pic Marcel

Krypto back!

Finally back! Mini €45, w/flex cable €59

courier mondays…

Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays! Do it!