Finally over!!!

The FIFA is richer again, but at least the horror event is over tonight… Good luck for the future Brasil!!! Article here…

Do a trick!?

Wow! I remember that one… We miss the old Berlin!

Do a trick!?

Yes, that’s Bob Haro in 1977!!!

Do a trick!

Yeah! Now you’re talking… Fixed Gear Freestyle, watever…

Do a trick!

Bunny Hops and posing at it’s best, Mister Mike Miranda Hollywood…

Do a trick!

That’s right!!! Found on Gucci

Do a trick!?

more cargo wednesdays…

Omnium is the new Fixed Gear Freestyle… HAH! Check the Omnium Bonanza this Saturday, lil’ sneak at the shop!

Front flip!

Chula Vista

Hey Chula, ride safe!!!