another trick!

female thursdays…

Bat For Lashes – Whats A Girl To Do? from Masha Frolova on Vimeo.

The thrill is def not gone…

Finally over!!!

The FIFA is richer again, but at least the horror event is over tonight… Good luck for the future Brasil!!! Article here…

Do a trick!?

Wow! I remember that one… We miss the old Berlin!

Do a trick!?

Yes, that’s Bob Haro in 1977!!!

Do a trick!

Yeah! Now you’re talking… Fixed Gear Freestyle, watever…

Do a trick!

Bunny Hops and posing at it’s best, Mister Mike Miranda Hollywood…

Do a trick!

That’s right!!! Found on Gucci

Do a trick!?

more cargo wednesdays…

Omnium is the new Fixed Gear Freestyle… HAH! Check the Omnium Bonanza this Saturday, lil’ sneak at the shop!

Front flip!

Chula Vista

Hey Chula, ride safe!!!