Go for a ride!?

Found on MF

Soyo Grips!

Förste, Levy, Nimke, Rene and so… Black grips are back €20!


Ach!? Na huch…


Guess they are back with a track frame… Via

15 Years ago!

Today 15 Years ago… Damn it! We miss the old NY, yes def the old Berlin too!!! Those were the days…

art fridays…

Japanese Cycling in 1892, read

female thursdays…

Wow, so much style… More info about Dottie here

art fridays…

Just found this picture of our old wall from back in 2004! We are working on something, you’ll see! Check Makatron

art fridays…

Anyone any artist info?

Holdfast x Animal

Holdfast back, black only! €60 plus Animal PC Pedals €20. We think the best combination

female thursdays…

Yes! Let’s have a ride on your bicycle… Nice article here

Hipster Alarm!

Keirin Shop Portrait from keirinberlin on Vimeo.

Oooh Ooh… Blah blah blah…Nuff said!