Back in 1958. Foto: Marcel Gautherot/IMS

Cadence Doubles

We also got some double-straps from Cadence. Suede leather and laminated! €65

Gatorskin vs. Randonneur

We just got a new delivery of the most popular tires… Skids are for kids, but its fun…

Gatorskins are €30, Randonneurs are €30 in White and Black €25

Cinelli SC

Probably the most beautiful trackframe ever!

Fixed gear?

Yo Jussi, where the trackbike at? Hey, enjoy the summer… Nice bike!


Yesterday Josiah Ng came over for a surprise visit! Nice, that we finally met! We got a few 5Bling gloves here, come check them out, they are hot!

courier mondays…

Respect the bicycle courier… Even the UBM Milano messengers Stole the picture from Via Aurelia e  Milano

Kick it…

Matt Shapiro from MASH TRANSIT PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

Cinelli Ant back

Finally back in stock.  50mm long w/ 31.8 clamp !  €25 black / €32 in  shiny white


PEZ Episode 1 from cadence studios on Vimeo.

Yo Pezo! We go back! We still got some Pez stickers here… Come get ‘em!

RHC for Josh

The Red Hook Crit is auctioning off a limited edition Cinelli Vigorelli (size 54) to raise money for Josh “Pro” Hartman who was seriously injured during qualifying at the RHC BNY on June 8th, 2013.  100% of the proceeds from this sale will go towards Josh’s recovery. Bid here…

and now 4kms down…

After riding 8kms uphill! Who said this is impossible on a trackbike? Hah!!!