Go Mü

Our favorite track racer Andreas Müller, about to switch with his partner Franco Marvulli, in the “Grosser Jagd” madison race at the Berlin 6-days. 4th place at the moment maybe the winning team?

courier mondays…

Check out Portland bike messenger  Zachary Kovalcik going about 80 km/h in the Steher race at the Berlin 6-days. Good luck for the rest of the 6-days mate, and all the best for your career in this unusual discipline.

Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays!

Some Schintzel?



Go and support our friend Zach!!!

courier mondays…

Daisy Messenger Lookin’ Good from Ryota Kemmochi on Vimeo.

Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays!

some goodies…


Kryptonite sent some stuff for tomorrow… No excuses not to race!

Be here!

はい !

We’re back on saturday! Found on MF and here…

Güle Güle 2012


Good luck! 2013 sounds good…


Just in from Landlord’s

Not to be outdone by Walmart’s $99 fixed gear, target has just released their $89 fixie.Next time you see someone who started one of those horrible, absolutely clueless, late 00′s track bike blogs you should thank them for this. Its their legacy. They should feel so proud for turning our shit into pure shit. Fuck all that.

102nd Berlin 6 Days


Nice bikes, bad beer, fatty food, weird folks, great music and useless fist-fights… Be there!!!