Just stolen!

On Boxhagener Straße! Always remember!!!

Go for a ride!?

Winter is on it’s way… Ride safe! Via


Just in! Looking fine, but still not a real C’dale!

Another trick!?

Nagasawa on Aljazeera

Go for a ride!

Omnium geo’s

Check out the differences between the three Omnium’s and get them all…

Omnium bonanza

Naaah no Bonanza bikes, just looots of Omnium’s in the house…

Mini, Cargo and the all new Mini Max. Give us a few days and come over by the end of the week to check them out! The future is out there… Cargo is the new track!

Hey Posh!

Looking for something fancy? Made in Italy, plain and simple, but still affordable? Got this beauty by Taurus in. Singlespeed with rear coaster brake and fenders in stylish dark blue. Perfect for the long August summer nights/rides/Ice cream chilllll… €649


Guess they are back with a track frame… Via

art fridays…

Just found this picture of our old wall from back in 2004! We are working on something, you’ll see! Check Makatron

Omnium Mini Max

As we mentioned before… They go like frische Schrippen mit Nutella! And the Mini Max is almost completely gone! Limited run! This August or Santa Claus…