100mph and hit that front brake check...

some bicycle history!

Would be a nice poster! Found here…

Hübner’s NJS frame

Hübner’s NJS Georama on NJS Export, the biggest NJS frame, maybe!? 64.5cm bang!

Columbus MS shapes

Nice work! Keep it up… Where da frames at Chris? Via


Yep, that’s a pretty terrible set up! Found on Landlords…

Feeling low?

The low pro wave has hit Berlin, is low pro the way to go?

Sunday laughs!

We warned ya!

Affinity vs Rakwon

Pimpin’ Affinity Kissena for Sandy! Together with Raekwon of the Wu-Tang Clan on eBay! Nice!!! Found…

+ at least one 24″ BMX

and there are more to get… Found on Urban Velo

Cinelli Vigorelli 2013

Check out the new Vigorelli for the US market, but no worries we got our hands on some of those, but let us know asap so we can figure it out for you…

Dead bike…


Only in NYC, naaaah actually saw that in Berlin before too, but not a trackframe…

Affinity Kissena


Rockin’ the Affinity Kissena while in the City, not that bad actually… Thanks for the hook-up Victor!