23 degrees!

Tomorrow! Damn…what a March!

art fridays…

Very nice! Art stolen from Katrin Wiehle

paper goods

Those were the days before the internet…Papergirls wassup?

ride hard!

Yep, those were the days… Berlin in the 80′s! Ride safe!

Have a good ride

Rest in peace Shirley!

art fridays…

Penang, Malaysia, found here…

Go for a ride!

It’s not really groovy outside anymore… But you should go for a ride anyway!!!

Oldschool BMX

BMX racin’ started in 1958 already, and guess where? In Holland!? Read the article over here

Go for a ride…

Great! Via Yänz

At the shop!

Our beauty from Schöneberg! Via

Do a trick!?

Via Milano Fixed!

courier mondays…

Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays! Nice one via U-Lock Mob L.A.