Webshop open!

Finally our shop is open, if you look for some special NOS parts, check here…

Go for a ride!

You call that snow? Just wait another month… Via

Go Ladies!


Damn, if Kono-san would see that! Via Landlords…

9 years in the making!

On April 1st 2004 we first opened our doors! This is 9 years today! WOW, who would’ve thought that…? Thanks to everybody that supported us over the years… Let’s do another 9 years…

Hübner’s NJS frame

Hübner’s NJS Georama on NJS Export, the biggest NJS frame, maybe!? 64.5cm bang!

Fresh outta Tokyo


Just in… A few selected goods from the land of Keirin!!!

はい !

We’re back on saturday! Found on MF and here…

NJS order?

We got a package coming soon, anything to ad? Let us know asap!

Lock ling

Suntour Superbe Lock ling in the house… Via Jussi’s! More laughs over at Engrish.com

René Enders vs. Kashimax

Thanks to our good friend Kashima-san for hooking up René at the Olympic Games in London this year!