Back in stock! The most popular chain on the Keirin circuit in Japan… Limited stock!

Soyo Grips!

Förste, Levy, Nimke, Rene and so… Black grips are back €20!

Cold drinks!

Some juice maybe!?

Webshop open!

Finally our shop is open, if you look for some special NOS parts, check here…

Go for a ride!

You call that snow? Just wait another month… Via

Go Ladies!


Damn, if Kono-san would see that! Via Landlords…

9 years in the making!

On April 1st 2004 we first opened our doors! This is 9 years today! WOW, who would’ve thought that…? Thanks to everybody that supported us over the years… Let’s do another 9 years…

Hübner’s NJS frame

Hübner’s NJS Georama on NJS Export, the biggest NJS frame, maybe!? 64.5cm bang!

Fresh outta Tokyo


Just in… A few selected goods from the land of Keirin!!!

はい !

We’re back on saturday! Found on MF and here…

NJS order?

We got a package coming soon, anything to ad? Let us know asap!