7th anniversary party

Delicious NY cheesecake, made by Rie chan, sooo good…Folks came and ate 8 kg’s of Sushi,
more pictures from the 7th anniversary “party day”on Rie’s Flickr.
Mark your calendar’s April 1st 2012 is our next birthday…

7 years Keirin Berlin

Tomorrow, April 1. Drop by. Sushi all day long… 8 kg! Flyer made by Rie chan

Tachikawa finish line…


Murakami Hiroyuki’s first GP! Beating experienced Keirin superstars Yamazaki san and Fushimi san in a tight final. Looking forward to see more of him outside of Japan…

Keirin GP Finalists 2010


The top nine riders of this years Keirin series are going to race today…

tomorrow in Tokyo…


The finals are on tomorrow! Keirin Grand Prix 2010 in Tachikawa…

Nice wheels Samson…


Congrats for coming 2nd in Zurich. Berlin 100th race soon… 
Thanks for the pictures to TWONEATL

All the best for 2010…


Team Keirin Berlin during the CMWC in Tokyo:
Kao – t2y – Katz – Arik – Klaus – P. – Gary – Mortimer and Maria.

With Lily – Felix – Phillip – Tuk – Kasi and Zorro.
We wish you all a very happy Tiger Year 2010

nine rides


Keirin number stickers weatherproof, limited.

san bin