Showdown in Seoul

Textima vs Laser

René Enders vs. Kashimax

Thanks to our good friend Kashima-san for hooking up René at the Olympic Games in London this year!

Velodrome cake!

Sunday evening munchies, oh oh delicious… Found on Frantastic Food!

BMX Finals today…

Starting at around 430pm! Will Māris of Latvia make it again? Or will the Dutch succeed this time??? Go Colombia!!!

Keirin Finals London Olympics 2012

Almost there Levy, next time for sure! Sir Chris Hoy did it again, maximum props!!! Nice interview here…

Women Sprints tonight!

Will Kristina get on the podium again today!? Good luck! Nice straps…

Olympic sprint!

Looks like Gregory Bauge is gonna go for the title, but don’t you forget about Trinidad & Tobago’s finest Njisane!

Kashimax in London


It’s a pleasure for us to work together with Kashimax. Good luck in London, Rene! And thanks to Kashima-san in Osaka… Ride fast!

Olympic road race

Today! Starting at 3pm… You go Froome! Screenshot from the opening ceremony!

1968 Olympics!


What a shame that tandem-racing isn’t Olympic anymore, guess why? Keirin came! Pictured above are Daniel Morelon and Pierre Trentin winning gold at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico DF.

1908 Olympic Games

The British cycling pursuit team, who won the gold medal at the fourth Olympic games held in London in 1908 found here

Aristidis Konstantinidis

It is not surprising that Greece is not a superpower at cycling events. Greece has not the tradition of Spain and Italy. The bicycle is and was not very popular in Greece. Still it’s pretty surprising that there was a Greek gold medal winner at the first Olympic Games in 1896 (if you know how poor Greece was after the independence war and other wars and after 400 years of occupation). Αριστειδης Κωνσταντινιδης was the first gold medal winner ever at an cycling event at the Olympic games.