Just stolen!

On Boxhagener Straße! Always remember!!!

art fridays…

Oooh merde! Nice one, by Richard Fauguet

Palmy locks!

Palmy’s arrived in the customs… Give them a few days! In Blue, Pink and White €29

Sphyke C3N

Anyone interested? Will be stocking Sphyke Security Skewers soon. Great idea and they even look good!!!

Go for a ride!?

Naaah, too much rain… Maybe watch a movie!?

Krypto back!

Finally back! Mini €45, w/flex cable €59

Bike safety!

Interesting read from the New York Times Blog

Get a U-lock!

Remember, we told ya…!


Almost there… 2014 coming… It’s gotta be good! Ride hard ride safe… Juten rutsch und so!!!!

Kryptonite Evolution

Finally back in stock. €40, also some limited brown color left…

some chocolate?

Milk chocolate or Dark chocolate Kryptonite Evolution Mini? We got them both, just in, €45!

Ltd. Kryptonite EM

We reserved some for you, but act quick or let us know asap. Only limited stock. Coming this October!