art fridays…

Oooh merde! Nice one, by Richard Fauguet

Palmy locks!

Palmy’s arrived in the customs… Give them a few days! In Blue, Pink and White €29

Sphyke C3N

Anyone interested? Will be stocking Sphyke Security Skewers soon. Great idea and they even look good!!!

Go for a ride!?

Naaah, too much rain… Maybe watch a movie!?

Krypto back!

Finally back! Mini €45, w/flex cable €59

Bike safety!

Interesting read from the New York Times Blog

Get a U-lock!

Remember, we told ya…!


Almost there… 2014 coming… It’s gotta be good! Ride hard ride safe… Juten rutsch und so!!!!

Kryptonite Evolution

Finally back in stock. €40, also some limited brown color left…

some chocolate?

Milk chocolate or Dark chocolate Kryptonite Evolution Mini? We got them both, just in, €45!

Ltd. Kryptonite EM

We reserved some for you, but act quick or let us know asap. Only limited stock. Coming this October!

Don’t steal bikes!

One of these bikes was stolen this weekend out of a cellar in Hamburg, Germany.
Serial number is 1577, frame size 56 cm. See also here:

Just always remember…