Yo muppet!

Stop bullshitting! Cause you are a…

+ at least one 24″ BMX

and there are more to get… Found on Urban Velo

Look who’s doping!

Since 1998, more than a third of the top finishers of the Tour de France have admitted to using… More at the NY Times

Last 15 years of the TdF

The invasion of the brits!

Damn! Mister Cavendish for the 4th time in a row and Wiggo wins the Tour, wassup in the UK!? Let’s see what Hoy is going to pull at the Olympics? Tusend tak for the picture Asger!!!

almost in Paris…

We would’ve prefered the African in the yellow jersey though, maybe next year!? Pic via…

Tour de France special!


We got some Team bottles in today, only 3 Euro’s each!!!

Tour de crash

Some things don’t change… The first week is usually packed with crashes! Found on Milano Fixed, they took it from Boston…

TdF tomorrow!

Live at our store… Be here!!!

TdF next week!

One more week and the Tour de France is finally back! Yes, live at the store!!! That Fussball nonsense is over soon, puuuh…

Cyclisme button badges

Just in! One set for €4, collect them all…

Sure thing!

Looks like a cool race, when is it? Via Milano Fixed