Izumi Supertoughness

The number one Keirin chain, back in stock!!!

Stayer Champs

Forst Brandenburg, this weekend!

Do a trick!?

The only cool trick on a track bike is going fast. Via


Back in stock! The most popular chain on the Keirin circuit in Japan… Limited stock!

Do a trick!?

Soyo Grips!

Förste, Levy, Nimke, Rene and so… Black grips are back €20!


Guess they are back with a track frame… Via

art fridays…

Jamolidin Abdujaparov “Der Radsprinter” by Oliver Schollenberger


Time to renovate… Article in Italian, here!


That damn frame in two pieces…

We wish!

Maybe the next shop we will open will look like that… Wow, amazing… Found here!

courier mondays…

Respect the bicycle courier…Not only on mondays! Looots of familiar faces, nice ad from the HPR, via JetFuel