We are currently holding a photo-exhibition till August 7th 2014 about the 1985 Berlin Six Day Race. Presented by Ass Savers with pictures by Staffan Jofjell. Limited exhibition poster is on sale in the store.

Cyclists relentlessly grind out lap after lap on the velodrome while the crowd’s attention slowly turns from bikes to beer. Inside the track the cyclists are reduced to satellites orbiting the microcosm of the this inner livelihood where dreams of honour and glory, hopes for romance, and escaping from the daily grind subsist as the riders relentlessly push on in the slowly thickening cigarette smoke of the arena. The parallel between this scene and Berlin – a city in exile with it’s citizens trying to maintain a life of normality within the wall – is palpable. And in the midst of it all is a young Swedish photographer, floating from scene to scene and capturing the action both on and off the track in Berlin, 1985. More info on

Currently we are still showing bicycle stamps. Collected and photographed by Maria

Make sure to drop by to see our bikes that we have collected over the past years. Here just a few shots!

A Cinelli beauty that we got in former East-Germany. Cinelli used to support the “enemy” back in the cold war.

Russia, East-Germany and Cuba, just to name a few…

Nice old Elsner Trickbike from East-Germany. Elsner was a framebuilder close to Berlin.

Timo’s stayer bike with our wheels! Nice…

Futura and Stash with Ernesto Colnago, damn those bikes are beautiful. Wish we could afford to have those always on display…

We had this exhibition a few years ago. Pictured is Koichi Nakano’s original Nagasawa trackbike. With this bicycle he won the UCI Sprints at the Trackworlds in 1985. Come see the bike in our store. Thanks to NJS for this very kind present

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  1. Big ups for Cinelli! I didn’t know about their dark past… :D

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  3. I remember riding my bike down the boardwalk with nowhere to go and looking at the girls. It was really innocent. – Mark Ruffalo

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  5. The Elsner Trickbike rules. I am totally in love with its somehow comedian type of style. Vintage bikes were underrated for some years but now they are back and of course Berlin is one of the first cities to take part in this development. I am from Aachen and I have a hard time to find good shops for Vintage bikes nearby. Does anyone have a good advice for me? Otherwise I will take a closer look at the possibilities in Berlin the next time I will be there. See you.


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