Rick Thorne on fire!
courier mondays…
  Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays! Click on the picture to see Bill in action delivering Pizza in Brooklyn. He was a long time NYC and San Francisco messenger, toured w the Grate and after more than 25 years on the road, he started delivering Pizza. He was also a dear friend. Last week its been two years since Bill left us. Ride in paradise, see you on the other side! That smile he had, wow!
  We’re open from 1-6pm, come over and listen to some tunes with us while drinking coffee… Ride safe!
Walking bike by Max Knight Designs! Do a trick!?
  Yes ladies! What a style, now you’re talking…
  Eat a Banana… Found here!
  Pete Loncarevich of CW Racing vs. Shawn Texas of Pro Neck battling it out in early 1984    
  Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays! Yes, thats Kobenhavn and Berlin’s oww Astrid during the Berlin Six Days. Pic by Feliks!
  Suns out, go ride!!!
  Come go for a ride and come have a coffee w us, were open from 1-6pm and still have some Kreuzberg caps in stock! Picture by Mister Hagbard
  Very nice! Source James Anderson Rogers
  GT def got it! Ooooh my gosh!
female thursdays…
  Click on pic for Girl Cyclists from 1954! More ladies… Ride safe!
  Now thats a childhood dream… That cruiser to the right fgfs all the way… Yes!
  Nice cycling cap! Whoooop! Wow wow wow…
  Let us introduce to you our Team rider Jane! She got 3rd at last weeks #lastwomensstanding during the Rad Race at the Berlin Six Days, she also took home the top antagonist award for her understanding of how racing works and the fun she shows during the race. Its not all about winning, its about racing each other and having fun while doing so. Cycling does unite! We’re on the look for some small sponsorship, as bike parts and travel is pricey.
  Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays! Szczecin is going for the ECMC in 2018, thats only 150k’s from Berlin… Whooop! Check it out here…
  We like snow, Roy Milton too