Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays! Check Andy and Dash Delivery Providence, RI! Ride safe!!!
Save the date!
  MASH SF is coming to Berlin to show there new film! Check back for updates! September 29th! Booom! Send mail for guest list… Click on picture!!!
  Damn! Jed Mildon quad backflip!!! Pautz…
  Nice! On the sign “Please, do not touch. This is recognised art!”
  Tig MX is taking care of business! Wow, nice to have some support coming from Mexico DF!!!
  Juliana the Queen of the Netherlands rides now for us!
  Sell your car, buy a cargo bike and #savekeirinberlin. If we sell 350 Omniums, we can buy the shop… Abwrackprämie calling!!!
KR_15021 STICKER gentrification 01 layout a
  Feel free to download and distribute, please add #savekeirinberlin… Thanks for the massive response to our Instagram post. You could all immensely help, just talking about and promoting our situation. We will be starting some crowdfunding  thing at one point. Remember always ride your bike, as cycling not only unites! Don’t let Berlin become the  new Brooklyn, this is not America! And who would’ve thought that… Check our FB site too!!! Oyasumi nasai!
  Last week our landlord informed us, that he will increase the rent by 30% and will try to sell the storefront. This will lead to the end of Keirin Berlin. We don’t have rich parents, nor do we have lots of cash on Swiss bank-accounts. Moving is not really an option, as Berlin gets sold to investors and it’s only a matter of time till not only Kreuzberg is the new Brooklyn… When we moved here in 2004, they begged us to take this place and gave us a 50% reduce on the rent.
  Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays! Check uuacourier in Київ
  Hey Posh! Ride with me… Via L.A. Sweat!!!

  Talking about gentrification? So you are basically saying it is our fault!? Hah! Gentrification is def not the new track/black, whatever… Lots of it more soon! Read!!!
  Our friend Chelsea got so much power power power… Winning all the races in and around NYC! You go girl!!!
  Thats right… Ffffouund
  Respect the bicycle courier… Even if he is on the street for now almost 30 years! Booom ! Our fav courier ever… Here
  Or watch the last stage of Le Tour!!!
  Today at the Tour de France. Come watch with us…
  You know it! Tomorrow its on… Live at Keirin!!!
  Nice Tour de France art by Will Barras!!!