Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays! In case you are in Tokyo, check out our friends Toy Dog’s pictures from the North American Courier Champs from last summer!
  Refugees welcome! Ride safe…
  We like! Via Dave Walker cyclingcartoons
female thursdays…
How Street Harassment Affects Female Bike Messengers… Check out the lil film from Philly, featuring some of our good friends from this great place! Click on the picture to watch this 7 minute documentary!
  You coul bring your kid to school and take the trash out… Try out one of our Omniums in the store!
  Mike D., back in the golden BMX days…
  Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays! Ride in peace ORFN… Via Landlords Cycling, damn 2016!
  Back in 1970 in Long Island, California
  Come visit and drink a coffee and get a colourful cycling cap! We’re open today from 1-6pm! Ride safe!!! Pic
  Miaaau! By Meher Khan!
  Found this nice article on She 36 tumblr about this amazing bike trip of 17 year old Ruth Orkin who became one of the biggest photographers of all time! Nice!!!
  Click on pic for a little 80’s commercial! Fly like the wind…
  Maybe we should get some flower bikes on the streets of Berlin!? In Vietnam they do have these bicycles everywhere… Via
Or maybe a wheelie!? Back in 1987, 18 year old Stephane Colley wheelied 36,25 km’s in 2 hrs and 29 minutes!
  Respect the “bicycle” courier… Not only on mondays! Actually Kurt Boone is not a bicycle courier… He’s a walker, but is more involved in helping at messenger events and supporting the scene than you can imagine… Ride, aaaäh, walk safe Kurt!
  The show UNTERWEGS at Café Galerie Kohi on Rungestraße 20, in Berlin Mitte ends already on Friday the 9th! So come and see paintings by Eici Sonoda along with Berlin handmade bicycles by yours truly Keirin Berlin. Kohi is open Mo-Fr from 10-17! Check it out, have a coffee and look at paintings and bicycles. Buy art not drugs, ride a bike!
  Winter is coming… Go ride anyway! Nice art by Trenton Jay
  Oh la la Sophia! Watch “La Ciociara” in Italiano tho…
  Omnium is the new track! Try it out… Pic via