Watch out its slippery! Tonight minus 9! Ouuuch!!! Ride safe!
  Another great musician left the world! Leonard Cohen ride in peace… Damn 2016!
  Come see some of Berlin’s finest painting by Eici Sonoda and along with this we will show some Berlin handmade bicycles. From the past and from the now! All of this is happening at Café Galerie Kohi In Berlin Mitte, Rungestraße 20. Monday to Friday from 10am to 7pm. The exhibition will continue till beginning of January. The coffee is good and the cake sooo delicious… Buy art not drugs!
female thursdays…
  What did ever happen to Missy Giove? Click on pic for lil film! Yo grrrrrllll….
  Coming soon, please check back! Ride safe…
  Suits on cargo bikes… Hah! Its going to happen again, you’ll see…
  Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays! SF its been too long! Pic via Dee Rock
go for a ride!?
  Cats are def smarter than dogs, or did you ever see a police cat? Click on pic for lil flic…
  Just because and also there was just Hallowe’en… Via Pen Friend RIDE SAFE!
  Saudi women can now ride bicycles in public (kind of) read article and feel free to share
Brian Blyther, Team Haro, 1985
  What about getting a cargo bike for christmas this year? Come over and try out our Omniums… Ride safe!

  Come join us this Saturday November 5th 2016 from 8pm @cafe_kohi ☕️ Berlin MitteBerlin paintings by Eici Sonoda Berlin made bicycles by Keirin Berlin. This time not only fixedgear and trackbike bicycles ⚡️ Made by hand in Kreuzberg, Schöneberg, Charlottenburg, Lichtenberg and Oberschöneweide! Cycling unites! Ride safe Event page here…
  Its on… The 24th annual Berlin Hallowe’en Alleycat Scramble! Once for couriers only, now its like a Octoberfest for all kinds of cyclist… Dress scary and remember to respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays! Start is tonight at 7ish under some bridge in Schöneberg/Kreuzberg! Ride safe, do a trick!
  Back in 1982 Gurnam Singh from India rode around the world. With one leg… So don’t complain about the rain!
Cloud Rider by Ashley Stark  
  Best straps ever! Go get them… Back in stock and supply wont last long! Do a trick!
  Mary is showing Pedro how to do a trick or wot!? Turn up the volume, listen here…
  Always lock your bike to smth and also dont forget your wheels. Perfect solution here…
Get an Omnium so you can carry more Omniums… Or smth like that! Join the hype, the future is out there…