This explains how to “Bunny Hop”. Try it, its easier than you imagine… Ride safe!
“Schönes Fräulein, darf ich wagen, mein Tandem Ihnen anzutragen” – “Bin weder Fräulein, weder schön, hab selbst mein Fahrrad draußen steh’n!” Anno 1898
Three passes
  Turn it up – Click on pic, to see flic! Go ride, keep the bike on shreddin…
  Back in the days… Our history is the future!!!
  Only a few black Kreuzberg caps left… Come over or get them here! New color soon!
  Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays! Found this pic of Erik Zo here ! Zo was the first that we’ve seen on a trackbike back at the CMWC 93 in Berlin and in London CMWC he showed up with a cargobike… Maximum respect, ride safe!
say wot
  Where’s your brakes kid? Who needs brakes?
We’re back to normal, almost But not 100% saved yet. But the doors are open again. So go for a ride! And come visit us… Sorry, no Tour de France yet! Next week, for sure!
Keirin ads are pretty wild in Japan!
Shanaze will be racing at the Olympic Games this year. Wondering if she will do finally both, BMX and track!? Kool cool… You go girl!!!
  Dave Saunders for Diamond Back…
  Those “bring” Omniums look kinda kool!
Respect the bici mensajero… Not only on mondays! Mexico DF in the house!
  And maybe also pull a bunny hop… Check out Keirin Berlin Racing Team
  Hah! Taking the letters off, that Just sprayed on our shutters… Peter goes for a BMX run. Pushing himself into the empty shop… More here on our Instagram feed… See you next door/next week! Nuff said for now, go for a ride!
  Kate Jackson and Liza Minelli looking very 2013! Pic from  1981 though… Kool
  Get a cargo bike and do a trick, or maybe a race first, just get one…
  But if you need some air or an innertube, no problemo! Just knock friendly! Ride on…
  Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays and you didnt see that red light, yes, I know… Via
  Ride in Peace Götz George