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  Bill! To have known you was such an honour. You had lot’s of stories to tell. I remember that you toured with the Dead, the Grateful Dead. I think about the time at Sophie’s and for some reason about 611 Broadway, we met waiting for the elevator and there was some sort of great vibe! You were always there, at every NY messenger event. Like a puzzle, we all belonged together and you belonged to us. The Mermaid Parade, Metropoloco, Monster Track or the worlds in 05’… You had an ear for the weak and the new one’s among us.
  And do a trick!?
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  the new track! At the København six days! Damn Jumbo!!! Check here…
  Nice bicycle paintings by Lucien Jonas, more here…
  Or maybe not!? Amazing shot, makes me wanna get a BMX again…
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  The Cake ride, we like that idea… Little Wheels London! You go girls!!!
Bring some color on the grey streets of Berlin. We got baby blue too!!! €29 with Espresso at the store or get it here
  The future is out there… Via Radpropaganda
pedex girl
Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays! PedEx Santa Cruz here
  Saddle ever! Only in stupid suede though… Come on!
Edward Hopper’s 1937 Painting “French Six-day Bicycle Rider”
New in the shop, go get it here €20!
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  The girls saved the re-opening at Keirin last Saturday. Nice turnout for the First Girls ride! Pretty sure She 36 got something more up her sleeve…
  The Chula Vista BMX track in California. Wow, we would’ve dreamed about this in the 80’s…
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Bicicleta de carga,Guadalajara, Mexico
Everytime you miss your childhood, ride on a bicycle! Mehmed Murad Ildan
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Bill, stay strong!!! If you can, help Bill and send energy and see a film with Bill here.