27th – 31st of July… The 19th annual Cycle Messenger World Championships in Warsaw, Poland. We just got some inside information from Warsaw… look at this…: over 400 already registered, and: Messenger – 203 / Messenger Vet Class (7y+) – 34 (only!) / Ex-Messenger – 126 / Dispatcher – 9 / Hipster – 16 / Fakenger – 29 / I got a crush on messengers – 19 / Celebrity – 34
Starting next Thursday in Berlin! Register here…
French television car crashes into Juan Antonio Flecha who then hits Johnny Hoogerland. Lots of bad crashes this year just on Stage 9 Alexandr Vinokourov broken femur and pelvis, Frederik Willems fractured collarbone, David Zabriskie fractured wrist and Jürgen van den Broeck fractured shoulder blade.
Respect the bicycle courier! Not only on mondays… Pictured are Amy Bolger aka. Miss Cyclehawk and Ellen, yes 90’s NYC messengers… Ride Safe!
“Cycling is such a stupid sport, next time you are in a car travelling at 40mph think about jumping out – naked. That’s what it’s like when we crash.” David Millar – Garmin Cervelo (pic here)
Ex Keirin World Champion Maximilian Levy (here in 3rd) won the Olympic Keirin race in Berlin today beating René Enders and Stefan Bötticher, to become German Champion. More results here. pic G.
Beautiful France today, another 100km’s left, go check…
Nice done Jan! Frames in stock now and only 429,- “Suicycle for life Gianni!”
From Thursday to Friday we will be at the former Stasi headquarters in Lichtenberg at the Bright Show. Come visit us outdoors! For sure it is going to rain Berlin style, hah…The store is open, but please be a bit patient with bike repairs or  when ordering cappuccinos… UPDATE! Actually, no more Bright, one day was enough…
Cold stream by Cy Twombly always reminded me about bicycle travels or maybe bicycleracin’, dunno!? Nice for sure… Cy Twombly died yesterday at the age of 83. Rest in peace!
That’s how we do it in Berlin! Thanks for the picture Rie-chan…
Respect the bicycle courier! Not only on mondays… If you need a courier while in Yokohama, try Courio City!!! Possibly the coolest bikecourier company worldwide, ne!!!!?
And even going against traffic on Lafayette? Be aware, from here…
Nice one… Available at  Tor Weeks
Gotta’ gotta’ get that one as a poster too, for sure! Cinelli a step a head, like always…
We want that poster, via FFFFOUND, more Javier here
Respect the bicycle courier! Not only on mondays… Finally some couriers in Brazil, thanks for the hint Igor at Pedal Express in Porto Alegre. See also POA Alleycat and also…
We got this Italian beauty the other day. Come over and check it out. Amazing work by Stelio Belletti, thanks for the hook up Andrea