News from Münster. Anyone hot for it? No trick folks here, or wot? Thanks Sebastian…
Respect the bicycle courier! Not only on mondays… Take 40 minutes and watch all 5 parts of Need 4 Speed it’s really worth watching. New York City the capitol of the bicycle messenger, if you don’t have the time, you should def watch part 5!!! Ride safe…
The BMX track for the London Olympics in Stratford is ready to roll. Oh so jealous, looks great…
Nicely organized neatly, via Things Organized Neatly… always worth to check!
Looking good! Found on Jussi’s blog…
And another one is gone, wasssup in Berlin, stealing trackbikes? Chesini was stolen on Sunday Gneisenau/Mehringdamm comes with a Concor seat and Velocity Deep V’s… Don’t steal bikes bro!
Suddenly came across that picture from back in the days and I was like…”Damn, that bike just got stolen…!”  It’s a sparkle silver 56cm comes with a front brake and straight bars,  a few scratches, nuff said… Don’t steal bikes bro’!
Among other Cinelli caps, also back again Brooklyn, Campagnolo and other classic cycling caps….
How to change your Fixie’s Grips from Pure Fix Cycles on Vimeo. Yeah sure! Hey, watch out! Don’t put some windex on your pants… Your cow in the background is kinda cool!
More bicycle pictures from Berlin on Der Tagesspiegel. Hai Gonzo San TSP!!!
Respect the bicycle courier! Not only on mondays… Found here! You got it, picture is from Quicksilver…
Don’t steal bikes bro! Here’s a little story…
Yesterday 85 years ago! Fidel Castro was born! Happy Birthday! Found on N/A Illustration
On August 13th 1961 the German Democratic Republic started constructing the Berlin Wall. That’s 50 years ago today. Luckily the “Anti-Faschistischer-Schutzwall” is gone now. Come visit and find out, there are still visible sights everywhere in Berlin, a city that was split in half for almost 30 years. Graph by Erosie…
Sure, but don’t drink too much and go ride afterwards kids…Pic taken from Push the Movement!
Picture via IDNB. Some disturbing video from Manchester over here… What’s up London? Bill
That’s what I’m talking about… Found on Hu2 Design!