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Almost there Levy, next time for sure! Sir Chris Hoy did it again, maximum props!!! Nice interview here…
Will Kristina get on the podium again today!? Good luck! Nice straps…
Respect the bicycle courier! Not only on mondays… At CMWC Chicago, shot by Velocity Tour
Looks like Gregory Bauge is gonna go for the title, but don’t you forget about Trinidad & Tobago’s finest Njisane!
Due to high demand, we got Ass Savers back in stock, for 6 Euro’s each!
It’s a pleasure for us to work together with Kashimax. Good luck in London, Rene! And thanks to Kashima-san in Osaka… Ride fast!
Respect the bicycle courier! Not only on mondays…
Cinelli original cycling caps, assorted colors, 15 Euro’s each!!!
Today! Starting at 3pm… You go Froome! Screenshot from the opening ceremony!
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The original food-delivery basket from the US, we got a few models in stock, starting at 30 Euro’s
On Thursday Mart will be releasing his book at Karl’s gallery in Neukölln, be there! "Paseo - Walls & Draws" is a a body of work painted in Buenos Aires during 2011 and 2012, it is a narrative between peliminary or archived work and the final pieces on the wall. Included also is a nice selection of illustrations produced with ballpoint pens. PASEO is an album of images, a chunk of time spent in my city, a window, a captured moment of something in movement.
Respect the bicycle courier, not only on mondays… See some funny shots of Kevin Dilliard over here!
Damn! Mister Cavendish for the 4th time in a row and Wiggo wins the Tour, wassup in the UK!? Let’s see what Hoy is going to pull at the Olympics? Tusend tak for the picture Asger!!!
We would’ve prefered the African in the yellow jersey though, maybe next year!? Pic via…
Mister Gordon lately switched over to a bicycle! Thanks for the pic FJ…
We got some Team bottles in today, only 3 Euro’s each!!!
Respect the bicycle courier, not only on mondays… Need some bigger goods delivered, maybe one of Berlin’s finest will show up! кататься безопасным брата!!!