We actually got a mail last week about this, but I guess he figured ebay will bring more money??? Damn, 50 Diamant trackframes, some Colnago’s and Gazelle’s and thousands of parts, if you want to open a fixed gear shop, here you go…
“CUTS” Steven Hamilton from Animal Bikes on Vimeo. Any more questions fixed gear trick folks?
Philippe Gilbert (winning attack)
Is Philippe Gilbert going for the world title today? He is the guy to beat… You think Denmark is only flat, not this course….Pic via Kristof Ramon
Not bad brother, found over here…
Toronto had always one of the best riders, Tom Quesnel, Joe Diaz, Kevin Lehman etc. It’s also one of our most popular cities in the world. Riding down Yonge Street, that’s mad, we hope for more video’s…
Just out the door, our newest creation. Built in Bella Italia with selected parts from Sugino, Dia Compe, MKS and Panaracer. Frame and fork starts at €620 (nice chrome lugs!)
That’s a way to learn it too… Found over at today/tomorrow! See this one, it is much better
When the UCI Road World Championship will take place in Copenhagen so will the Copenhagen Bicycle Festival.
Respect the bicycle courier! Not only on mondays… Yes, the real bikemessengers! This is a screenshot taken from Premium Rush via Carlos site UCW. What a bunch of crap…! Hollywood is killin’ the fixed gear scene, bummer! Check the trailer and please dislike that nonsense…
Screen shot 2011-09-18 at 3.56.15 PM
Go Vote today! No complaining if you did not go to the elections. Take a ride…
We would like to meet this friendly tree! Beautiful shot, via…
Quoting: “So hipsters, next time you’re skidding the back tire around or blowing through a stop sign because you can’t stop, remember this…Your dad was the first to know you don’t brake what is already fixed.”  10-4! Check more hip dad’s here…
I think we’re all agreed on that. Protesters outside the Defence and Security Equipment International arms fair in London
Bunch of hipsters, eh!? Found on Brian’s flwrider…
Rest in peace Richard! Picture via…
Fixed wheel.
Was good to see you again Sine! Picture taken by Wojciech Artyniew.