Nice guys Choi and Sean from T-Level. Great bags made in Korea, nice styles and lots of great features. Many thanks to these two for all the help while I was in Seoul.
The frame that Brandi of REW1o Works just built, reminds me a lot about the Phaze 1 by CW Racing from 1983, that was a big wish, back in the days…
Damn Brandi what’s that all about? Found on Milano Fixed…
An interesting modern take on the old Penny-Farthing, I wonder what its like to ride?
Great idea, public compressor to pump up your tires next to a bike stand in Jamsil district of Seoul. If we had those in Berlin we wouldn’t get so many people coming by and breaking our pump cos they don’t know how to use it properly.
I’m quite sure they don’t mean what I think but it’s a very amusing sign none the less. Found in a shop in Seoul, 개눈에는 똥 밖게 안보인다.
Respect the bicycle courier! Not only on mondays… Found on Ronni Moore!
Haven’t seen many cyclists here at all, Seoul is very car orientated it would seem but I snapped this pic of a fixed gear rider in the metro. Hope to meet some of the Seoul Fixed Gear crew while I’m here.
Ride downhill, but where in Berlin!? Bummer, no hills… Found via the Mafia!
These guys are about the closest thing you’ll find to a bike messenger in Seoul.
Just finished a custom kids bike, interested? Just ask! We do anything…
Except here they call it kcycle and it’s a bit different than in Japan. Taken at the Speedom in Seoul. Thanks for showing me around.
Ready for some travels! Found on Things…., but actually via!
Today it was 15 degrees in Berlin, that’s pretty crazy for a November…
I guess we need more space in our shop!? Found at 5th Floor…
Respect the bicycle courier! Not only on mondays…Pictured are Timmy and Ursula from SF, via! HEY, tonight racing!!!
Mister Trimble with his father’s Masi, that his Dad bought brand new as a teenager. Thanks for stoping over in Berlin. Yeah, next spring…This will be cool! Hint!
The all new indoor wooden 250 meter track just opened in Japan. Only 6 riders, you ask why? UCI rule, what else? And why carbon, yeah we wonder too…But the HED wheels in those colors are kinda cool! Pictured from left to right are: #5 SATO TOMOKAZU – #6 SAKAMOTO TAKASHI – #4 ASAI KOTA – #3 NAGATSUKA TOMOHIRO – #2 NAGAI KIYOFUMI – #1 FUSHIMI TOSHIAKI. Nagatsuka San won the race of the opening party. Thanks for the picture Oki San!