That’s how they call it in bella Italia on Guccilife… Or was it actually “Original Insane Moving Pedestal.” Who knows?
Please see  Bikes for Japan for more info! Folks need more bikes, support them…
More nice pictures via Kyle’s Trackosaurus Rex blog
Respect the bicycle courier! Not only on mondays… Couriers in Greece! Finally, yep on trackbikes! “Hey you! Tsipidis Cycles!
Switzerland's Cancellara competes in the Paris-Roubaix cycling classic in northern France
Will Cancellara do it again? What’s up with Tom Boonen or maybe Flecha? See here live
It was a pleasure to meet Giovanni and his crew at the VeloBerlin. We got a Corsa GP now available at our shop…It does look amazing, come check it out!
VeloBerlin was a great success More pictures via Rie’s Flickr
Delicious NY cheesecake, made by Rie chan, sooo good…Folks came and ate 8 kg’s of Sushi,more pictures from the 7th anniversary “party day”on Rie’s Flickr. Mark your calendar’s April 1st 2012 is our next birthday…
We got those bags for €5 in the store, come pick one up and support Japan! We love you JP!
Nice bike, nice site! But those pedals, naaah! See more Things Organized Neatly
Respect the bicycle courier! Not only on mondays… See more b/w bicycle messenger shots at John Harris, via Flickr
Tomorrow, April 1. Drop by. Sushi all day long… 8 kg! Flyer made by Rie chan
The velodrome, 250 beautiful metres of Siberian pine, was completed last week. Alongside the BMX and mountain bike facilities a one-mile road racing track will be installed after the Games, to replace the Eastway circuit, on which the new facilities have been built. more here
Respect the bicycle courier! Not only on mondays… If you are in Tokyo this Thursday, go see Kao’s exhibition, that will run till April 1st. We wish we could be there… Ganbatte kudasai Kao-chan!
Our friend Gabriel from Brazil just send us a link to this shocking footage of Porto Alegre’s last critical mass. It’s sad, but true… If you think you can handle it, watch it here. Be aware though, it’s out of this world… All our best wishes go out to all the envolved cyclists, may the car driver burn in hell! More info also over here and here. No account, go here…Ride safe!
Respect the hipster, even on sundays… They are back FYVM
Texan style made by Gallus. Great coverage and pix about this years NAHBS in Austin on Urban Velo.
That’s what we’re talking about! Found at Urban Velo, check Cherubim
Sunday ride is the new Critical Mass, join Fahrtwind…
More good work on Pat Perry’s site. The lion told us about it…