We like snow, Roy Milton too
  The impossible is possible by Marek Hosek
  Nice colours by Anne Ulku
  Amazing six days paintings by Ann Wauters
  We will stay closed until January 4th 2017. Sorry to disappoint all you friends, Berlin visitors #messlife and coffee ☕️ nerds! For your daily coffee boost please see our friends @passengercoffeeroasters around the corner on Oppelner Str. in #Kreuzberg… Go for a ride or a walk, bake a cake, read a book, watch a #Keirin race or chill with friends… 2017 is around the corner, thanks for the support #cycling is the future and does unite! Guten Rutsch
  Yeah yeah, it is christmas soon…Bike tree by Antoine Pethers!
  We like! Via Dave Walker cyclingcartoons
  Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays! Ride in peace ORFN… Via Landlords Cycling, damn 2016!
  Miaaau! By Meher Khan!
  The show UNTERWEGS at Café Galerie Kohi on Rungestraße 20, in Berlin Mitte ends already on Friday the 9th! So come and see paintings by Eici Sonoda along with Berlin handmade bicycles by yours truly Keirin Berlin. Kohi is open Mo-Fr from 10-17! Check it out, have a coffee and look at paintings and bicycles. Buy art not drugs, ride a bike!
  Go ride up a tree! Fall rules…
  We are open from 1-6pm come over and have a coffee with us! Enjoy the weekend…
  Sisters of the moon by Helen Tseng
  Come see some of Berlin’s finest painting by Eici Sonoda and along with this we will show some Berlin handmade bicycles. From the past and from the now! All of this is happening at Café Galerie Kohi In Berlin Mitte, Rungestraße 20. Monday to Friday from 10am to 7pm. The exhibition will continue till beginning of January. The coffee is good and the cake sooo delicious… Buy art not drugs!
  Just because and also there was just Hallowe’en… Via Pen Friend RIDE SAFE!
Cloud Rider by Ashley Stark  
  The People’s Bike Library of Portland by Vanessa Renwick and Brian Borrello! Yes!!!
  We found some caps from the good ol’ Look Ma No Brakes collab in our storage spot! Yep, not cheap, but compared to the complete bike, its a bargain… Swoop here!
  How about some art from our friend Marto! He made a t-shirt with Godzilla taking over gentrification on Schlesi! We still got a few in stock, if you can not make it to Berlin, you can go here and we send you one
  Do a trick and listen to Hip Hop beatzzzz...