Check the Hip Hop by Ecid from Minneapolis here…
Mario Sironi “Il ciclista” 1919
  More Junko Osaki here…
Fortuna Depero “Ciclisti” 1922
Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 13.23.21
Alla Lettera. G. Antonio Insegne, Sign painting shop in Torino, Italia.
Gerardo Dottori “Ciclista” 1916
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  The 80’s, yeaaaaah!
  Immer diese Jugend! By KRL
Il ciclista by Mario Sironi 1916
  Yorckstraße in 1976, by Döbler
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  More bicycle art by Erika Calesina
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  Old storefront mural is gone… While working on it, the new “Cog”, now called Two Mag came in the mail. And look who is on the cover!? Get a copy, €7, we only got a few… Act quick!!! Very nice work by Peter! Check also…
  Amazing mural by Natasha Turovsky. Pic taken from here…
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  Back to the roots with Just and loooooots of stencil’s… Ready this week! Very very different! Come and see it live!
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  Got some shirts with “Godzilla am Schlesi” back in stock. Designed by Marto and printed by Bera. Italians in Berlin…
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Only till Sunday! Free exhibition at Willy Brandt Haus. Great street photography by Vivian Maier
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  Together with Stash. Found on me my self and I
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  More murals by Juanita Perez here…