Gotta’ gotta’ get that one as a poster too, for sure! Cinelli a step a head, like always…
We want that poster, via FFFFOUND, more Javier here
Nice pictures about Priti Baiks straight outta Panama by José Castrellón, check!!!
Number 10 finally arrived, thanks to the Cog possee, see you this summer!
Remember today is hipster sundays… Ride safe!
This weekend in Firenze. Be there if you can! Keep the good work up Guccilife…
Turned 70 today, Happy Birthday Bob! Painting by the man himself, check out more paintings here…
Respect the bicycle courier! Not only on mondays… Child labour back in the days, see this article, please! Pictures by Lewis Hine
We don’t know who took that picture, but we heard about the dude with the mic! We are sorry for stealing a picture from some blog somewhere!? Hint came  from those folks, about that nice Cannondale with those weird handlebars, tse tse tse…
And now go out ride yer bike! Via FFFFOUND
Ooooh I want…!  Just gotta remove that brake lever, looks terrible, there must be a better undercover solution!? Fully internal drivetrain that allows the rider to switch between fixed and freewheel. More info at The Alpha Bike, found on Brian’s site…
06 Splinterbike
Now we’re talking, found on Hipster Nascar, but actually…
Just on Prolly, looking hot… Yann for Cinelli and Campagnolo for 2012 London Olympics! You know it Paolo, that Laser is mine:)
It was a pleasure to meet Giovanni and his crew at the VeloBerlin. We got a Corsa GP now available at our shop…It does look amazing, come check it out!
Nice bike, nice site! But those pedals, naaah! See more Things Organized Neatly
Respect the bicycle courier! Not only on mondays… If you are in Tokyo this Thursday, go see Kao’s exhibition, that will run till April 1st. We wish we could be there… Ganbatte kudasai Kao-chan!
Texan style made by Gallus. Great coverage and pix about this years NAHBS in Austin on Urban Velo.