Cinelli will be re-open the competition with a similar competition
More fun and a lot of weird shots collected by Jon Rafman over here
Bike culture in Japan getting bigger every year, sugoi! Next week Osaka! From
Finally in!  Cinelli bartape w/ Mike Giant design, they go fast…
Found at Mad Motion, pushing the bike culture down south… Great!
You go girls…
Respect the bicycle courier! Not only on mondays… Picture taken at the Human Powered Rollercoaster.  More great shots from Seng here
Interesting looking concept track bike more pics here
Scandinavian design and hopefully Columbus tubing? More info here and found at Jussi’s
There is a special place for bike thieves in hell, from
David Byrne again, not only a good musician, nice rack!
Tell me, how did you do it? Check the site and some bloody pictures here
“Grooooar…” “Damn it, a lion…!” “Ho ho ho…!”
In Budapest there is an exhibition on the cultural history of cycling, sounds good!
Only in Japan! Mint 1980’s Mongoose. Taken from toy dog’s amazing site
Cinelli 2011 line, go check it out! Nice work by Gary Baseman.  Ahead of the game,  again! Good luck for 2011…
By Joseph . L Griffiths. We wish we would had the space!
Found this drawing on Married