Yes, we’re open from 1-6pm, watch the Giro, have a coffee and listen to some tunes w us. Be aware of 5-0, they do not like no fixed gear, pffff…
  Only a few black on black caps left. Our homage to the 70’s Brooklyn racing team, but with our local Oberbaumbrücke! Hit link to swoop one or come over and have a coffee w us! Ride safe!
  It’s Saturday, come over and have a real Italian arabica style coffee, non of this fake 2nd flush nonsense… See ya!
  Maybe you don’t like Donuts, but these soxxxxx… Come check out our different new arrivals in store!!!
  Sometimes we have really delicious vegan cakes… Come over and get surprised! We’re open today from 1-6pm, come go for a ride to Kreuzberg and do a trick! Happy weekend!
  Some caps are still left, before we will re-order some… Probably black on black again!? Any suggestions? Come over and enjoy our espresso and check out our caps or swoop the Kreuzberg cap here
  I guess summer might come soon, but its always good to have a beanie, as you never know what happens!? Secures your camera or keeps you warm in case you forgot your hoodie! Check our webshop and swoop some colour! Ride safe!
  Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays! You know it Fahrwerk Berlin… Ride safe!
  Weekends are for chilling w the homies… Enjoy the sun do a trick! Via
  Yes, were at the end of the road, the last building on the left side, last and best coffee before the bridge! Lol! We’re open from 1-6pm, say hello…
Get a spare lock, you never know! There’s folks out there stealing wheels… Get it here or come over!
  Farbenfroh, the Omnium Cargo in orange… See it live at the shop! Try it out and get some % due to a test bike!
  Berlin’s own all girls fixed gear group She 36 made it onto the 3rd page of the NY Times of the GDR We’re proud of you ladies… Keepin’ it real, ride safe! Read the article here…
  Check it out! If you’re in Berlin, if you can not make it, theres’s a Flickr Set here… Never forget! No nukes…
  Go check them out here and feel free to support! Ride safe…
  No matter what weather… Once you are out, yes! Ride safe!
  and sunny too… Go ride and come visit us, we’re open from 1-6pm! Ride safe…
  Get a Omnium and another one and yes! Ride safe! Try it out at our store! Cargo is the new track!
  Come go for a ride and come have a coffee w us, were open from 1-6pm and still have some Kreuzberg caps in stock! Picture by Mister Hagbard